Ben Wheeler

Service Desk Analyst

What originally attracted you to taking an apprenticeship at Catalyst?

I originally decided to take an apprenticeship as I had just finished my A-levels and didn’t want to go to university as I didn’t want to do school-like work anymore. I wanted to move onto something more practical and was interested in the idea of learning while I was working and earning money at the same time. When the opportunity from Catalyst came through my apprenticeship provider Just IT, it was a no brainer after doing some research on the company as they had a good size IT team to support me, had employed successful apprentices before I joined, and the salary was more than other opportunities which was a nice added touch.

What have you learnt from doing an apprenticeship?

As a 1st Line Apprentice for the IT Service Desk at Catalyst, the main things I learnt and developed was my communication and problem-solving skills. I learnt how to communicate and support colleagues across the business with varying levels of IT skills, and through any channel of communication like an email or a phone call, and still get the same message across. I was exposed to different problems and issues which enabled me to build on these skills to provide them with the best customer service to my colleagues. This then helped me to secure a permanent role in the IT team, and I continue to better myself every day.

What has the support been like during your apprenticeship?

The support I received throughout my apprenticeship was nothing short of superb through the first day to when I finished my apprenticeship. The support from the IT team and my manager, was so useful in helping me embed and improve every day. I was constantly given assistance and guidance when I needed to learn new things for my apprenticeship portfolio work. I was opportunities to shadow my colleagues in 1st Line, the 2nd Line team and specific IT colleagues if I needed to learn or be exposed to something new.
I had great support from my Apprentice Coordinator to help me be more confident and come out of my shell and encourage me to be the best she saw in me. We had regular catchups and if I needed anything, she was always available to offer advice or point me in the right direction.