Gistan Burchard

Gistan was a Workplace Assistant Apprentice between October 18 – November 19 and became a permanent member of staff as a Workplace Assistant in December 2019.

What originally attracted you to taking an apprenticeship at Catalyst?

Catalyst as a whole stood out to me from what they stand for.  They resemble my aspirations to drive positive opportunities, growth from their genuine enthusiasm on improvement and progression.

Not only do their values greatly stand out to me, but whilst researching this company, alongside their history of achievements and awards, I was extremely impressed with their involvement with their communities and the positive changes they have been able make.

I was also particularly happy to hear about their training opportunities and their focus on personal development.

What have you learnt from doing an apprenticeship?

Throughout my apprenticeship, not only have I been able to adapt a professional/corporate profile – learning key aspects to the behavioural standards as well as the specific vocabulary that’s required to communicate professionally.

I’ve also been able to understand the level of commitment, responsibility and time management required to juggle large workloads efficiently.

It’s been a great opportunity to improve my level of customer service, expanding my knowledge within the facilities sector where I can incorporate each aspect from what I’ve learnt into my own personal projects and aspirations.

What has the support been like during your apprenticeship?

Brilliant. I’ve been given a level of flexibility to really focus on my apprenticeship to ensure that my completion is an absolute priority. I’ve been given a lot of support from my manager to understand a technical understanding to some of the modules, Ellie (Learning and Development coordinator) has been a great help also, ensuring my time management is something I focus my attention on as well as supporting my general needs towards the course, my tutor really helped me understand the core principles of the course from the module objectives, the general progression opportunities.

Is there one project you’ve worked on that you found particularly rewarding?

Within the final few months of my apprenticeship, I was involved with the transformation to our canteen. Although I wasn’t actively on the frontlines managing the project, I found it particularly interesting and enjoyable to see the plans/concepts coming to life and analysing the processes, from managing the pre-works, organising dates and jobs for the contractors to carry out, to eventually seeing the end results and revealing the transformation the rest of the business.

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