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Catalyst launches menopause eLearning course

By October 18, 2021October 28th, 2021No Comments

Catalyst has launched an eLearning course to help broaden our colleagues’ knowledge of menopause.

The ‘Menopause at Work’ online training helps colleagues understand menopause, how to manage symptoms and how to support those going through the menopause.

Approximately one third of our workforce is female and over 40, which means a third of all colleagues are about to experience, or are currently experiencing, menopause symptoms.

For some it has very little impact. But for others, it can be debilitating and have a serious impact on their wellbeing and ability to do their job.

Amanda Gonsalves, our Executive Director of People and Culture, said: ‘Menopause is a natural biological process and at least half the population will go through some form of menopause with varying symptoms. As a nation we’re breaking the taboos in many areas and menopause is just one of them. Being aware of the impact on individuals and their partners, colleagues, family and friends can help support everyone’s understanding and remove the barriers to what can be seen as something quite embarrassing. This eLearning provides a good background to menopause with hints and tips to help support and manage those affected.’

At Catalyst, we’re actively making positive changes to accommodate those affected by the menopause. We’re developing a guide that can be used by colleagues and line managers to understand the symptoms and signs of menopause as well as signpost people to support agencies.

We also have a menopause group that gives colleagues the chance to talk about menopause, general health and wellbeing and shares ideas and experiences.