Diversity and Inclusion Statement

We strive to be representative of the communities we serve and know that diverse talent builds a better Catalyst.

We provide training to ensure our recruitment practices are fair and equal and that opportunities are open to all, regardless of gender, background or identity. 

We work with various external partners and have implemented the Rooney Rule, which means that Catalyst will ensure that there are candidates from under-represented ethnicities for all senior positions to improve ethnic diversity in our leadership team. 

We want all colleagues to thrive, develop and succeed. We want to make sure our diversity and inclusion principles are weaved into all personal development and we have a mentoring and shadow executive committee programme to bring on talent. 

We’re committed to building an organisation where everyone is welcome, supported and able to thrive. 

Leadership 2025 & Rooney Rule

What is the Leadership 2025 programme and how does Catalyst put it into practise?
The Leadership 2025 programme is accredited and was launched in 2017 for social housing providers. The objective of the programme is to equip females and candidates from under-represented ethnicities to be sector leaders of the future and in doing so to help address underrepresentation of diversity of leadership across the sector. We apply these principles when recruiting for senior management positions at Catalyst, to ensure those who meet the essential criteria are interviewed.  

What is the Rooney Rule and how do we apply it?
Adapted from American football, this is a form of positive action. We recognise that our leadership teams do not reflect our wider workforce or communities, in terms of the representation of women and people from under-represented ethnicities. 

At Catalyst, we apply the ‘Rooney Rule’ when shortlisting for vacancies for senior management roles, equivalent to a Head of Department, or above. 

Every person who applies to a role at Catalyst is asked to confirm their information for diversity monitoring purposes. The information collected is anonymous and optional for candidates to share. This enables Catalyst to report on live vacancies, ensuring we are attracting a diverse selection of candidates and those who meet the essential criteria are progressed to interview stage. 

Recruiting diversity at Catalyst

Our ambition is to work together to promote a more diverse and inclusive environment – a place where we can all be ourselves and succeed on merit. By taking an inclusive approach, we are more likely to attract a diverse pool of talent and experience which signals our commitment to celebrate and promote diversity. 

We are committed to ensuring diversity and inclusion is considered throughout our recruitment and selection processes, including interview panels and candidate selections.  

This is achieved by: 

  • Ensuring all our hiring managers understand the importance of diversity through the delivery of unconscious bias training, and recruitment best practice training 
  • We using data to measure the effectiveness of our attraction and selection methods to ensure that they are fair and that opportunities at Catalyst are accessible to people from all backgrounds. 
  • Asking and actively encourage all candidates to remove their personal data from their CVs; including names, address, contact details and education. This means their suitability for the role is based on merit, experience and how they meet the criteria for the role. 
  • Insisting on a minimum of two panel members at all stages of the recruitment process; including shortlisting, first stage interviews and second stage interviews. We do this to limit and reduces unconscious bias and ensures our recruitment process is fair and equal. 
  • Encouraging diversity across all interview panels to ensure we are providing an accurate representation of Catalyst as an organisation and our people.  
  • Collaborating with external partners to promote Catalyst opportunities and to ensure we are reaching a wide pool of diverse talent.