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National Careers Week 2022: Go further, for you

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It’s National Careers Week in the UK, which is all about empowering positive change through careers education.
At Catalyst, we’re continuously exploring ways to support our employees’ careers.
Apprenticeships provide fantastic learning opportunities for both our existing colleagues, and those new to the organisation, to develop their knowledge and skills.
Bethany Milne, our Legal Services Team Administrator, is working towards a Level 3 Paralegal Apprenticeship. We spoke to Bethany about her apprenticeship journey so far.

Why did you decide to sign up to an apprenticeship and what are you hoping to achieve from it?

My manager had mentioned the possibility of an apprenticeship. I was keen to progress my career in the legal field and so it meant that I didn’t lose any salary, but was able to learn on the job and gain a qualification at the same time.

What have you learnt from your apprenticeship so far that you wouldn’t have necessarily been exposed to in an ordinary role?

The apprenticeship has meant that I have had to diversify the work that I do and take on additional work to fulfil the module requirements. My knowledge has increased significantly with the guided structure of the apprenticeship and the support of my manager, giving me appropriate work to fulfil those requirements.

How are you supported by your line manager?

I’m fully supported. My line manager has always dealt with the workloads, and we plan any upcoming modules and tailor my work accordingly so that I get the right exposure.